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  • Dahlia 'Mingus Mc Call' (16.5"W x 16.5" H) archival pigment prints which I printed on
    white I.J. Asuka (17"W x 22"H). Mat size 24"W x 24H".
    Framed: 36"W x 36H" archival pigment prints on white I.J. Asuka. White wood frame 37 5/8" W x 37 5/8" H.

    Available for purchase. For further information, including possible additional sizes, please contact: 
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  • AAF Fall 2019 (Barbara Tuffli).spub
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  • 'Fantasies' is an abstract I was inspired to create from a macro image of one of my favorite flowers, a camellia. The light and underlying colors coupled with the form of the center of the flower drew me into the composition.

    Available for purchase, printed with archival inks on a selection of special papers at various sizes.
    For further information, including possible sizes and papers, please contact: 

    Not For Sale
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